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Get Click

Get Click is the ultimate mount rack that includes
everything you need for your terminal. With just one click,
you can operate the terminal without any preparations.
Easy to use and ready whenever you need it.

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Tech Info

Micro SAT LM

  • System Weight: 8.7 Kg (19.7 lb.)

  • Panel Size: 25 x 13cm (9.8 x 5.3")

  • System Size: 32 x 25.5cm (12.5 x 10")

  • Max EIRP: 42.2dBW (50w BUC)

Milli SAT H LM

  • System Weight: 14.7Kg (32.4 lb.)

  • Panel Size: 25 x 27cm (9.8 x 10.6")

  • System Size: 39.5 x 39.5 cm (15.5 x 15.5")

  • Max EIRP: 44.3dBW (50w BUC)

Milli SAT W LM

  • System Weight: 17.7Kg (39.02 lb.)

  • Panel Size: 50 x 13.5cm (19.7 x 5.3")

  • System Size: 57.5 x 27cm (22.6 x 10.6")

  • Max EIRP: 45.2dBW (50w BUC)

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