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Avanti Communications

Avanti Communications delivers high-throughput satellite connectivity.
From remote government offices and deployed outposts to border security solutions and critical infrastructure recovery, Avanti provides secure, resilient, and ultra-reliable Ka-band communications in the most arduous and critical operational locations.

Avanti is a trusted provider of SATCOM to the U.S. Government and global government agencies.

Avanti Ka-band high-throughput satellite capacity allows the users to seize information advantage by delivering guaranteed secure and resilient coverage across EMEA.

In addition to large capacity and very high throughputs, Avanti’s technological capabilities include steerable beams.  These highly flexible, agile, and adaptive beams can operate in Civilian or Government Ka-band, support high-grade encryption and allow our users to mask the beams positioning. They also allow users to exploit low probability of interception and detection (LPI/LPD) capabilities.

Avanti recognises that some operators require only the raw components of bandwidth, power, and coverage in order to integrate into their service platforms.

Leveraging Avanti satellite capacity can enhance your current network to meet increasing customer demands and extend your network reach cost-effectively and with minimal operational complexity.

Avanti provides wholesale capacity across our fixed and steerable beam coverage that includes gateway and loop-back connectivity. Both wholesale MHz and Mb/s leases are available on flexible lease terms.

A proven record of supporting Government operations
Whether you seek space segment capacity or a fully managed, end-to-end service, Avanti has a range of solutions tailored specifically for government and defence users.

Avanti’s High Throughput Ka-band Satellites provide large capacities and scalable connectivity to provide resilience to terrestrial infrastructure or exploit the latest ISR tools.

Avanti provides support across the spectrum of Government and defence activity, including supporting local and national emergency services and first responders as well as enabling homeland protection, border security, and reacting to Humanitarian and Disaster Relief operations. 

Avanti’s HYLAS Fixed HTS beams
Positioned and operating from prime orbital positions, the satellite fleet provides fixed beams across EMEA to support emerging or enduring operational requirements at immediate notice.

Avanti’s HYLAS steerable HTS beams
In addition to large capacity and very high throughputs, Avanti’s technological capabilities include steerable beams operating from Texas to Thailand. 

Avanti beams, available on HYLAS 2, HYLAS 3, and HYLAS 4 provide immediate Ka-band capacity wherever you may need it across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Our beams operate in civilian and government frequencies and can be moved with initial or full steering rights.

Commercial Satcom-as-a-Service
Avanti’s Commercial Satcom-as-a-Service provides an all-up capability of terminals, network operations, and airtime leases that suits every mission type, whether for one week, one month, or a year.