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Satcom-as-a-Service for First Responders

August 22, 2022

About Satcom-as-a-Service

One interesting technology trend is the shift from purchasing physical assets and instead purchasing the services that use those assets. This provides organizations with the services they need while lowering their capital expenses.

Satellite Communications-as-a-Service fits this trend, providing high-quality communication services without demanding a high-up-front investment.



Our Customer

The Vigili del Fuoco provides fire and rescue services throughout Italy. As part of the Ministry of the Interior, it is called on to provide safety for people, animals, and property. It ensures public safety for both fire and terror attacks.

The Challenge

Climate change has led to an increased fire threat in Italy. These intense fires are complex and pose safety risks to safety and recovery teams.

Communication is a critical aspect of fighting fires. It enables fast detection and is used to provide real-time information about changing wind patterns or burn rates that are used in the planning and deployment of fire suppression. After the fire is out, effective communication is needed while assessing damages.

Firefighting often takes place in outlying areas without reliable communication technology. Smoke can also interfere with cellular signals or burn above-ground cellular towers, complicating communication efforts.

The Vigili del Fuoco needed an advanced communication solution that could overcome the challenges posed by fighting fires.

The Solution

Get SAT, an innovator in lightweight satellite terminals, and Ovzon, (together with their partner, Gomedia Satcom), a mobile broadband satellite service, partnered to create an effective satellite solution that would meet the requirements of the Vigili del Fuoco.

SATCOM-as-a-Service solution utilized Get SAT’s Micro SAT and Milli SAT terminals and Ovzon’s satellite network with the support of Gomedia’s teleport in Catania, Italy. It is deployable in any operational environment, including at sea and in the air.

Get SAT’s terminals are ITAR-free and were able to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s network. The solution allowed the customer to gather large volumes of data and transfer it with ultra-low latency to personnel in mission control. Armed with data, commanders were able to make life-saving decisions, manage widespread fires, and improve operational success for all firefighting missions.


The Get SAT-Ovzon collaboration ensured the delivery of real-time contact and enabled the coordination of firefighter personnel, fire engines, and command centers. It supported increasingly large volumes of data generated by multiple sensors, resulting in an increase of more accurate information and optimizing the decision-making process for a safer and more effective response.

Our customer reported that the Micro SAT and Milli SAT terminals maximized the balance between SWaP limitations, image quality and processing, bandwidth utilization, and system latency, providing communication capabilities that exceeded their expectations and requirements.

Satcom-as-a-Service was an ideal alternative to address government users’ most essential challenges – providing an end-to-end, anytime anywhere, communication solution that was seamless, affordable, and operationally available. The customer didn’t have to invest in infrastructure and was able to access global connectivity when they needed it.

First responders must stand ready to deploy anytime, anywhere. Their jobs demand access to robust and secure SATCOM service on land, at sea, or in the air at a moment’s notice. With Satcom-as-a-Service, they have the tools to focus on mission-critical operations while establishing optimal flexibility: users get what they ask for, and the quality of the acquired service is assured, enabling full voice video or data transfer.

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