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Near-real time Situational Awareness Management (ISR)

August 26, 2022

What is ISR?

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems provide mission-critical information of the operational landscape, or border control on the ground or sea below. Used to aid decision makers and operational units, and commanders across the globe. The speed in which this data is delivered, the accuracy of the data and clarity are vital in making life saving decisions. 

Beechcraft B200 King Air - for ISR mission

Supporting the end User

Get Sat proudly supports EU sovereignty efforts across the entire continent. We provide equipment and services that enable monitoring for government agencies and private companies alike, relating to border patrol, tracking illegal activity, environmental monitoring, and providing humanitarian aid.  Coupled with the Get Sat solution our customer is able to provide near-real time connectivity to end users across the globe assisting in illegal drug seizures in the tens of millions and saving migrant lives across the Mediterranean and beyond. 


Our equipment enables our customer to patrol land, air, and sea, providing the eye in the sky. SATCOM guarantees operational commanders receive data in near-real time in a much needed and advanced C4ISR solution (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance).  ISR is required in today’s environment to track both friendly and hostile forces, assess damage as well as target those hostile forces.

Furthermore, commanders demand a solution that reliably delivers the right information at the right time back to HQ, enabling them to make the time critical, lifesaving decentralized decisions affecting the centralized operational team on target, while enhancing operational efficiency across the force. 


Get SAT offers compact, all-in-one, innovative, multi-band SATCOM solutions. Deployable on platforms across all operational environments, Sea, Land and Airborne.  

Designed and optimized to support ISR missions, our solution is an off-the-shelf, High-Throughput terminal with industry leading SWaP and no trade-offs.  Capable of meeting all our customer’s mission-critical needs, Get SAT is certified to operate on multiple GEO and MEO constellations to ensure the delivery of near-real time information anywhere around the globe. Our industry leading low SWaP terminal provides an all-in-one integrated solution that is constellation agnostic, enables high throughput, low latency connectivity and supports increasingly larger volumes of data generated by multiple sensors.

The roll-on/roll-off (RORO) capability not only provides high throughput satellite communications capable of supporting data-intensive C4ISR operations, but also lends well to the ease of installation and transfer between multiple platforms, supporting multiple mission sets.  Our lightweight satellite terminals are tailored to meet mission-critical requirements to enhance both situational awareness and understanding and allows the system to perform and support multiple missions. 


Our customers were able to implement Get SAT’s Micro SAT and Milli SAT terminals, using their satellite provider of choice. Integration within their existing network was seamless, aided by the fact that Get SAT terminals are ITAR-free, therefore the customer was able to deploy the system upon receipt. 

Our terminal allowed the customer to gather large volumes of data from multiple sensors, including ultra-high-definition video and high-definition images. Data is transferred with ultra-low latency, providing personnel, back at mission control, with time critical data that is used daily to make life-saving decisions. 

Our customer also reports that the Micro SAT and Milli SAT terminals maximized the balance between SWaP limitations, image quality and processing, bandwidth utilization, and system latency, providing ISR capabilities that exceeded their expectations and requirements. 

Our customers reported that their mission was successfully accomplished due to the enhanced capabilities the Get SAT solution provides.  In addition to the mission-critical capabilities, our solution allows for operation in the Ku or KA band, which was significantly more cost-effective than higher priced L-Band solutions and had a higher throughput to a given bandwidth ratio.

“Anytime. Anywhere.” For our clients, military and civilian, these are the words they live by. To us, it is the mission that drives us, pushing us to deliver ISR tools capable of meeting the demands of their operational environment wherever the mission takes them. We are proud to deliver on those expectations without exception. 

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