Get SAT And GRC Create Strategic Cooperation Relationship
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Get SAT and U.K.’s GRC Create Strategic Cooperation Relationship

August 20, 2019

U.K. Security, HLS, and Government Markets Targeted

Rehovot, Israel & Hereford, UK – 20 August 2019: Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, and GRC (Global RadioData Communication Ltd.), who specialize in the design and development of mission-critical communication and situational awareness systems, announced today they have created a strategic relationship. Together, the firms will target U.K. security, defense and government markets with ‘communications on-the-move’ (CoTM) broadband platforms based on Get SAT’s industry-leading, powerful terminals.

Iain Pope, GRC Chairman, reported, “Our customers have been consistently impressed by Get SAT terminals and their ability to deliver high-bandwidth communication on the move, with relatively low size, weight and power demands. This has allowed GRC to offer solutions that would previously have proved impossible due to unique vehicle requirements and even lead to us developing our own magnetic mount, for easy walk on fit, allowing terminals to be installed and removed within minutes. The high-level of terminal efficiency also means we’re able to offer our customers great value, effectively delivering more ‘bandwidth for your buck’ than we’re able to offer with other terminals.”

Kfir Benjamin, CEO of Get SAT stated, “Uniting Get SAT’s CoTM systems with GRC’s mission-critical solutions provide the ultimate, flexible and seamless on-the-move answers for a wide range of applications required by U.K. clients such as search and rescue, military and other security assignments. With Get SAT systems already deployed in various missions around the world, we look forward to growth in the U.K.”


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About GRC
Based in Hereford, UK, Global RadioData Communication Ltd. (GRC) are specialists in satellite, GSM/LTE, cloud and IP networking solutions, designing and developing mission critical communication and situational awareness systems. GRC’s products and services are used by government and defence agencies, emergency responders, commercial businesses and the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry throughout the world.

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