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Get SAT Introduces the Highest-Efficiency Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA)

March 3, 2017

Introducing Highest-Efficiency Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA)

Building on its success in 2016, Get SAT will showcase its latest satcom innovation, the Ka-Band electronically steerable antenna (ESA), at the Satellite 2017 conference, 7-9 March 2017 in Washington, DC.

Get SAT’s success integrating electronic steering capabilities within its innovative flat-panel antenna overcomes the size, cost, power, scalability, and bandwidth limitations of most electronically steerable antennas seen by our customers today.

By combining signal transmission and reception onto a single panel, the Get SAT ESA is the smallest minimum-profile antenna available. The antennas efficiency is greater than 60% and is still able to provide 2GHz wide bandwidth to support the commercial and military Ka-band frequency range. Get SAT offers multiple sizes (4x4in., 8x8in., and 12x12in.), which provides cost-effective options for low- and/or high-bandwidth applications to its land, sea, and air customers.

We are putting our customers first as cost, modularity, and performance, go hand and hand. Our thought process was to develop cost-effective, high-performance, low-profile capabilities and we have succeeded with our latest offering, the Get SAT ESA. We look forward to continuing to listen to our customers and design hardware and software that exceeds their expectations said CEO Kfir Benjamin.

Building an ESA has multiple challenges that are very hard to overcome. Using our InterFLAT technology we were able to solve most of those challenges, said Oleg Roitberg, CTO. One of them is the traditional use of two panels one for receipt and one for transmission. By combining them onto a single panel we are able to offer a small, compact, and efficient solution that exceeds all previous thresholds for current offerings.

In addition, Get SAT has launched several new products that offer significant savings in antenna size, weight, and power (SWaP) parameters whilst providing very high throughput.

Micro SAT Get SAT has expanded its Micro SAT flat-panel product line, including the option for interchangeability between Ka and Ku bands, which provides for reliable and efficient HD voice, video, and data applications in all environments. Its 2017 offerings also include:

Milli SAT: At just 22 lbs., this midsized DVB-SX2 COTM terminal offers unprecedented bandwidth that can be hand-carried in any environment. Designed for easy installation, it provides fully autonomous operations for both transmission and receipt of rates of more than 20 Mbps and is available for Ku and Ka bands.

Using the SX-3000 from SatixFy, Get SAT now offers the following ultra-compact, low-power products for a range of applications:

Micro HUB: This universal 19″ 1U rack-mounted hub can support up to four DVB-SX2 modems, is portable, has integrated management and offers the flexibility of scaling the hub depending on budget or level of communication needs. MicroHUB supports data rates from 10Kbps to 500Mbps.

Micro MODEM: This fully ruggedized modem for the air, land, and sea market is the smallest currently available product, supports 10Kbps to 500MBps, and includes a very low signal-to-noise ratio (VLSNR) feature that allows it to work at -9dB SNR below the noise floor. The modem comes integrated into the Get SAT terminal or as a standalone.

About Get SAT
A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, Get SAT Communications provides affordable, portable, and extremely efficient antennas and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. Get SAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and humanitarian groups.


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