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Get SAT Introduces Micronized Mobile Broadband SATCOM Terminals for SES’s O3b MEO network

March 4, 2020

Lightweight, Capable Terminals Support Market-leading Data Communications on the Move Solutions Powered by O3b MEO

4 March 2020: Rehovot, Israel – Get SAT, a leading manufacturer of efficient portable satcom terminals offering high data-rate communications for ground, air and maritime applications, announced its Micro SAT and Milli SAT are compatible with SES’s O3b MEO-based solutions and provide versatile data communications of up to 10 Mbps for mobile applications.

O3b is the only commercially successful non-geostationary satellite communications system operating in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), providing high-throughput low-latency fibre-like capabilities for a variety of applications, including communications on the move. Only 20-60 cm. in size, Get SAT’s product line of micronized terminals is designed to deliver high data rate low latency service of broadband communications.

Get SAT terminals provide highly versatile solutions for applications requiring smaller terminals. As the leading provider of new generation small terminals, we set new standards for lightweight, small-sized and low power consumption communication devices. Our fast-tracking technologies, using a miniaturized interlaced flat panel antenna that combines receive and transmit elements and is capable of moving at speeds of 200 degrees per second, enable quick and seamless handover between O3b satellites.

According to Jack Deasy, Head of Government Segment Market Management at SES Networks, “The Get SAT terminal family delivers multi-Mbps to a moving vehicle in a single antenna format. This is a tremendously positive step forward for small platforms, enabling high-data rate and latency-sensitive applications requiring communications mobility.”

“Our terminals achieve much more in less size and weight. By moving to a single terminal, O3b MEO customers lower costs, ease installation challenges and optimize location placement on mobile platforms,” commented Get SAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin. “We are proud to be at the forefront of easy to implement ‘on-the-move’ broadband communications programs.”

Get SAT’s terminals are based on a patented InterFLAT flat panel antenna technologies which miniaturizes components without sacrificing quality. Get SAT leads the industry in creating next generation terminals and solutions specifically engineered to provide fast, reliable communications for on-the-move applications.

Come see Get SAT at booth #1907, Satellite 2020 Show in Washington, D.C.

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