Hellas Sat And Get SAT Demonstrate SATCOM Capabilities

Hellas Sat and Get SAT Demonstrate SATCOM Capabilities

January 30, 2020
Rehovot, Israel & Nicosia – 30 January 2020: Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, and Hellas Sat, a leading satellite operator, have successfully demonstrated satcom capabilities on Hellas Sat’s network. Hellas Sat and Get SAT’s partnership offers significant capability enhancements on Hellas Sat 4 satellite with coverage over Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa.

Utilizing Get SAT's Milli SAT-W terminal installed at Hellas Sat’s Kofinou, Cyprus Earth Station, and the Hellas Sat 4 Ku-Band satellite located at 39°E, the companies created a powerful comms link that exceeded expected parameters. The satellite, which began commercial operations in Q3 2019, meets the growing capacity demand for applications including video, maritime connectivity, cellular backhaul, corporate networks, and government services.

Get SAT terminals to provide highly versatile, mobile solutions for applications requiring smaller terminals. As the leading provider of new generation micronized terminals, they set new standards for lightweight, small-sized, and low power consumption communication devices. Their fast-tracking technologies, using a miniaturized interlaced flat panel antenna that combines receive and transmit elements and moves at speeds of 200 degrees per second, enable quick and easy access to broadband services.

Ilias Tsakalis, COO of Hellas Sat, reported, “We are proud to enhance Hellas Sat 4’s Ku-band capabilities via Get SAT’s terminals to our customers, including those requiring on-the-move satcom. By expanding options for our customers’ applications, we more closely align ourselves to their growing businesses and add more capacity for their needs.”

Kfir Benjamin, Get SAT CEO reported, “Hellas Sat 4’s Ku-band has allowed us to fully demonstrate the capability of Get SAT's exciting technologies. The cooperation between Get SAT and Hellas Sat technologies supports high data rates, adds value for their customers, and enables us to pursue new potential users.”

About Hellas Sat

Hellas Sat is a leading satellite operator offering services in Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. Hellas Sat value combines high-quality services at affordable prices and professional business practices with understanding of different customer needs.
From 39°E, Hellas Sat serves leading DTH operators by delivering content to more than 3 million households across Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa, while providing solutions to enterprises and governments that want to expand connectivity to every location of their network in Hellas Sat’s coverage areas and beyond.


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