Get SAT Revolutionizes Helicopter Communication
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Get SAT Revolutionizes Helicopter Communication with Advanced Modem Support and In-flight Telemedicine Capabilities

May 8, 2024

Black Hawk helicopter Airborne Communications



08 May 2024 –Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, together with R4 Integration, Inc., the premier provider of Airborne roll-on/roll-off and shoulder mount communication systems for U.S. and partner government aircraft, are proud to announce significant enhancements to their innovative Helo SAT satcom solution. Now supporting a wider range of modems from industry professionals like Airbus, Viasat, and Hughes.
This expansion follows a series of successful demonstrations that highlighted the solution’s revolutionary impact on through rotor services, featuring reduced latency and increased efficiency.

During a successful demonstration on a Black Hawk helicopter, Get SAT’s Helo SAT solution has reliably furnished real-time, full-motion video and wideband beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications, indispensable for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The under the rotor connectivity is enhanced by the integration of advanced modems such as Hughes HM series, Viasat’s robust communication systems, and Airbus’s satellite technology, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance in critical operations.

“Get SAT is at the forefront of satcom innovation, providing dynamic solutions that meet the evolving needs of army users across the globe,” said Get SAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin. “Our partnership with leading modem manufacturers like Hughes, Viasat, and Airbus exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our capability to deliver unparalleled communication services for rotary wing platforms.”

R4 Integration plays a pivotal role in the on-site integration of these solutions, managing the installation and operational deployment on the aircraft with proficiency. They provide the Hatch mount, ensuring that Get SAT’s satcom terminals are seamlessly integrated for optimal field performance.

Highlighting the innovation in this collaboration, the tested products include Get SAT’s advanced Electronically Steerable Antennas (ESAs), from the Sling Blade series.
This flat panel series is recognized for its super low profile, operating in the Ka or Ku band with no moving parts, which eliminates the need for calibration and reduces maintenance costs. It offers Multi orbit, which supports robust transmission and reception capabilities across GEO/MEO/LEO orbits, allowing for unmatched global coverage and flexible satellite connectivity capabilities.

In addition to enhancing military and defense operations, Get SAT’s Helo SAT solution now offers a lifeline to air medical services, enabling in-flight telemedicine- a significant advancement in emergency and critical care. Through high-speed satellite and cellular connectivity, the solution facilitates the real-time transfer of medical data and live-streaming of patient vitals, allowing remote physicians to monitor and assess patient conditions effectively.

“With Get SAT’s satcom technology, we are not just connecting aircraft; we are transforming them into high-speed, flying telemedicine platforms,” said John Parsley, President of R4 Integration. “This capability is vital for air medical services, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care from the moment of injury to hospital arrival.”

The HeloSAT solution’s capability to maintain a continuous live-stream video feed throughout the mission marks a transformative advancement in satellite communication technology for rotary-wing aircraft.
Get SAT continues to lead the way in satellite communication innovation, providing solutions that redefine the possibilities of airborne communication and medical response, ensuring that critical information and care are always within reach.

About Get SAT

Get SAT is the leading provider of Micronized Satellite Terminals, offering a wide variety of On-the-Move satellite communication solutions. Our technology combines breakthrough antenna technology with a robust control and tracking mechanism, creating powerful satellite terminal solutions.

Get SAT’s unique patented technology emphasizes innovation and is designed to provide portable, full-duplex, wide-band satellite communication solutions that meet the most demanding requirements. Our terminals offer easy Roll-On, Roll-Off installation, saving time and cost during installation and integration, and are engineered to support a variety of missions.

Our comprehensive offering includes mechanically or electronically steered terminals in Ka-band, Ku-band, and L-band. These solutions ensure near seamless, reliable communications with unparalleled performance, even in challenging environments. We focus on reliability, adaptability, and responsiveness throughout the product life cycle, ensuring that our solutions meet the highest performance and environmental standards.

About R4

R4 is a privately owned, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing aircraft system engineering design, aircraft modification, avionics equipment integration, and airworthiness certification support. R4 is a diversified, high technology company, supporting fixed and rotary wing platforms with an experienced staff that provides turn-key solutions from design through airworthiness certification. For more information, visit

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