Micro SAT KA

MICRO SAT KA, is a small lightweight portable “on-the-move” Ka-Band satellite terminal solution. It is designed for compact installation and fully autonomous operation for transmit and receive of high bandwidth data rates of more than 10 Mbps.


Micro SAT KA is the best in its class SWaP airborne SOTM Terminal. Size: 30X23 CM ( 11.8 X 9.0”), Super light: 4KG (8.8 LB) Ultra Light: 3.2KG (7.0 LB)

Low Power consumption < 18W, Hi Performance Thin Panel Antenna.

Built-in receiver fully autonomous, All in one (IMU, GYRO, COMPASS).

Modem agnostic & Optional Internal Modem, Optional Internal 4W BUC. Replaceable to KU Band.


      RF PerformanceKa BandKu Band
Tx Frequency29-31 OR 27.5-30 GHz29-31 OR 27.5-30 GHz
Rx Frequency18.7-21.2 OR 17.5-20 GHz18.7-21.2 OR 17.5-20 GHz
Gain Tx28 dBi34 dBi
Gain Rx26 dBi32 dBi
G/T2.2 dB / K8.2 dB / K
Beam WidthAZ 4.4° EL 8.8°AZ 2.6° EL 4.5°
PolarizationRHCP/LHCP (co-pol / cross-pol)RHCP/LHCP (co-pol / cross-pol)
Max EIRP34.2dBW (8w BUC) / 39.2dBW (25w BUC)45.8dBW (25w BUC)
Power Handling50 w50 w
Tx / Rx isolation60 dB60 dB
Panel Size125 x 70mm (5 x 2.7")248 x 135mm (9.8 x 5.3")
AzimuthContinues coverage over full 360°Continues coverage over full 360°
Elevation0° to 90°0° to 90°
Control TechniqueCombined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)
Pointing Accuracy0.2°0.2°
VelocityAzimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / SecAzimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / Sec
Initial Acquisition Time<20 sec<20 sec
Re-Acquisition time<100ms (depends on modem)<100ms (depends on modem)
ManagementRS-232 / EthernetRS-232 / Ethernet
Power Input12-50v DC12-50v DC
Power Consumption18w (Rx Only)18w (Rx Only)
InterfacesRS-232, Ethernet, TX / RXRS-232, Ethernet, TX / RX
Weight2.2 Kg (4.85 lb)2.2 Kg (4.85 lb)
System Size16 x 19.5 cm (6.3 x 7.6")16 x 19.5 cm (6.3 x 7.6")