Ultra-lightweight satcom terminal for airborne applications

MILLI SAT EX lightweight satcom solution is tailored to meet C-130 Hercule’s mission requirements. Designed for Ka-band, Milli SAT EX offers unmatched performance in an extremely compact, small package of 22kg weight, including a Multi-Purpose Shoulder Panel System. Optimized for voice, video, and data transmission.

MILLI SAT EX supports Roll-On / Roll-Off (RORO) C-130 airborne applications without requiring any modification to the aircraft. The unit’s radome does not obstruct existing aircraft surfaces, other instruments, or antennas while providing high bandwidth data throughput exceeding 30 Mbps with HTS satellites.

MILLI SAT EX supports mil-Ka band and is compatible with Inmarsat’s GX network. Fully FAA-compliant and designed to operate on all C-130 variants.
A turn-key solution including a dual-modem integrated transit case that accesses various Ka-band networks simultaneously.