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Man portable

The scenarios in the 21st century are very different in that the majority of conflicts are of a smaller scale. These include uprising and activities to keep the peace on a global basis against a threat that is identical from the local state going about the normal activity. Therefore, Militaries and government agencies seek to secure reliable high-bandwidth broadband SATCOM communication to support versatile missions. Ground forces have some challenges with maintaining a satellite link while on the move or to quickly deploy teams in the field that can efficiently and reliably establish communication anywhere in the world.


Man Portable

Get SAT’s Manpack solution, bring complete ‘satellite on-the-move’ broadband communications – voice, video, and data – to the tactical battlefield level. Get SAT Manpack is the smallest and lightest Ka-band SATCOM terminal with an integrated BUC and modem on the market. Communication mil-standard micronized tactical high-bandwidth broadband communications battlefield ManPacks. The unique mission-critical requirements imposed by tactical environments adds a new class of users and potential applications to the traditional.


Why Man portable?

On the move capability, it is critical to remain teams truly connected as they navigate on the battlefield or reliably communicate with HQ. The main challenge is to develop a terminal that is compact, lightweight, and able to be carried by one person. The manpack can be carried out by a single person and can be operated in a fast and simple way. With just pressing on a single button, the system operates automatically with the satellite, providing autonomous operation for transmission and reception of high bandwidth data-rates at more than 4 Mbp.

The manpack solution is ultra-portable lightweight, low-profile terminal optimized for ‘on-the-move’ applications and man-carried portability and mobility. Simply put, the manpack solution replaces a truckload of equipment, including upconverter Weighing only 3.4 kilograms.

Ultra light: 3.5Kg (7.71 Lb)

78W including BUC

product dependent

Delivers high data rates in smallest package

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