Inmarsat Global Xpress Network Advantages

Through Global Xpress, the first and only end-to-end high-throughput
commercial Ka-band network from a single operator that provides worldwide
service, Inmarsat brings the benefits of seamless, consistent, wideband
access to meet users’ mobile, interoperable communication needs, at an
affordable price.

Worldwide wideband coverage
Guaranteed data rates via CIR
Seamless, consistent performance
Compact, easy-to-use terminals
One-touch commissioning
Seamless mobile roaming
Redundant and diverse terrestrial Infrastructure
Interoperable with Mil-Ka
Cost-effective adoption



Get SAT Milli SAT W GX and Milli SAT H GX Terminals

Smallest and Lightest GX COTM Terminals The Get SAT’s Milli SAT W GX and Milli SAT H GX micronized terminals are the smallest and lightest (starting from 13.5 kg) on-the-move solutions available that are Inmarsat type-approved for its Global Xpress service. The Milli SAT H GX terminal’s 25x27cm flat panel antenna fits inside a 40cm radome. On-The-Move Leveraging Get SAT’s highly efficient, patented InterFLAT miniaturized flat panel antenna technologies, the terminals are unique communications-on-the-move solution for ground vehicles and small marine platforms, using the worldwide Global Xpress Inmarsat-5 network. The combination of size, weight, ruggedization and fast-tracking technology allows for operation on land-mobile and maritime platforms with aggressive vehicle dynamics. Supported by innovative and exacting algorithms, Get SAT’s terminals can be attached to high-speed motors with velocities of up to 200 degrees per second, dramatically shortening acquisition times and eliminating pointing errors to less than 0.2 degrees. All-In-One Solution Integrated terminals include everything needed for operation: modem, Antenna Control Unit (ACU), BUC (Block Up Converter), tracking sensors, LNB (Low Noise Block downconverter) and a full RF front end. There is no need for external sensors such as GPS/Gyro or other external units. Plug & Play Plug in. Turn on. Internet automatically connects. Super-Simple, Super Easy Installation The Get SAT terminals are extremely user-friendly: simply connect Ethernet and power cables to operate the system in minutes. Ruggedized – IP66 Get SAT’s terminals are fully compliant and meet all international IP66 ruggedized standards. The terminals have been proven to operate in some of the toughest environmental conditions