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Intelsat is a global leader in providing seamless, secure, multi-orbit satellite-based communications to government, NGO and commercial customers through the company’s next-generation worldwide network and managed services. Bridging the digital divide by operating one of the world’s largest and most advanced satellite fleets and connectivity infrastructures, Intelsat enables people, platforms and applications to connect anywhere.  Integrating satellites in multiple orbits, worldwide teleports access and smart edge devices, Intelsat helps customers accomplish multi-domain operations, protect borders and maintain real-time, highly resilient communications.


Intelsat FlexGround

Intelsat FlexGround revolutionizes communications for mobility applications that demand compact, user-friendly terminals for swift global responses, ranging from combat operations to humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Military and governmental agencies need the capability to act promptly in the face of unforeseen contingencies and emergencies across the globe.

Dependable, high-quality, adaptable, secure, and cost-effective ground and littoral communications are pivotal for the success of their missions. With Intelsat General’s new FlexGround service, end-users have immediate access to a pool of global high-throughput capacity for Communications-On-the-Move (COTM), Communications-On-The-Pause (COTP), and Manpack communications.



Featured Products

Intelsat FlexAir

FlexAir Government is a fully managed end-to-end service designed specifically to address the connectivity requirements of airborne and multi-domain missions. FlexAir offers robust, high-performance broadband connectivity during flight for various types of aircraft, such as military and emergency response forces, enabling support for communications enroute and for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.