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Intelsat General

Intelsat General is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intelsat, the foundational architects of satellite technology. IGC provides government customers around the globe with mission-critical mobility communications solutions that include managed services with flexible pricing plans.

Intelsat FlexGround - satcom terminals

Intelsat FlexGround

Intelsat FlexGround revolutionizes communications for mobility applications that demand compact, user-friendly terminals for swift global responses, ranging from combat operations to humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Military and governmental agencies need the capability to act promptly in the face of unforeseen contingencies and emergencies across the globe.

Dependable, high-quality, adaptable, secure, and cost-effective ground and littoral communications are pivotal for the success of their missions. With Intelsat General’s new FlexGround service, end-users have immediate access to a pool of global high-throughput capacity for Communications-On-the-Move (COTM), Communications-On-The-Pause (COTP), and Manpack communications.


Intelsat FlexGround Coverage Map

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