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Sling Blade Ka LM

Super low profile phased array antenna

Sling Blade is a Ka-band flat panel antenna, fully electronically steerable antenna (ESA antenna), providing reliable communication. The Sling Blade Phased array antenna operates in the Ka-band with no moving parts. No calibration is required therefore providing long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Supports transmit & receive for any GEO/MEO/LEO satellites, enabling Switches from GEO to LEO satellites in milliseconds and seamless satellite coverage anywhere, anytime.

Sling Blade is ideal for all “on the move”  such as Land & Maritime, Oil & Gas. It is also ideal for commercial applications, civil infrastructure, enterprise, trucks, and trains.

Key Features


Multi orbit constellations

A simple and intuitive solution that provides
multi-orbit SATCOM services, with the ability
to blend and transfer network traffic
seamlessly between high-capacity LEO (in KU
only), MEO (in Ka only), and GEO satellite


All In One Solution

Integrated terminals include everything needed
for operation: modem, Antenna Management Unit
(AMU), tracking sensors, downconverter, and a full
RF front end.


No moving parts

Since there are no moving parts, calibration
is not required therefore providing
long-term reliability and lower maintenance


Short transition time

Extremely short transition time.
The significance of fiber-like connectivity
is a major step forward for high-data-rate
applications requiring communications


worldwide satellite networks

Supports Global coverage networks, like
Inmarsat Global Xpress, SES and Intelsat, for
seamless satellite coverage anywhere,

Easy- set-up-and-operation

Easy set-up and operation

The easy installation and integration of
the terminals, allows operators to
complete the process without the need
for time-consuming and costly visits of

Deployments Images

Tech Spec

RF Performance Micro Sling Blade Ka Milli Sling Blade Ka
Tx Frequency 27.6-31 GHz 27.5-31 GHz
Rx Frequency 17.65-21.2 GHz 17.7-21.2 GHz
Polarization Circular (Crosspol and Copol) Electronically configurable Circular (Crosspol and Copol) Electronically configurable
Max EIRP 46 dBW 49 dBW
Max G/T 9 dB / K 13.5 dB / K
Azimuth Continues 360° ESA Continues 360° ESA
Elevation 30° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna 10° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna
Control Technique Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional) Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)
Velocity Azimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / Sec Azimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / Sec
Beam Switching Rate 400 Hz 400 Hz
Initial Acquisition Time <30 sec <30 sec
Re-Acquisition time 2 sec (while compass aligned) <100ms
Management Ethernet Ethernet
Power Input 18-52v - Depend on configuration 20-50v (depends on configuration)
Power Consumption 450W (depends on configuration) 420W (depends on configuration)
Interfaces RS-232, Ethernet, TX / RX RS-232, Ethernet, TX / RX
Weight 18.7 Kg (41.2 lb) 30 Kg (66 lb)
System Size 60 x 7 x 56cm (23.6 x 2.7 x 22") 66 x 8 x 84 cm (28.7 x 3.9 x 33")

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