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Dual SAT Maritime Satcom

The Inmarsat type-approved Dual SAT solution is supported by terminals from Get SAT’s Milli SAT family, the market’s smallest and lightest communication-on-the-move terminals. Effectively designed to provide optimal performance, Dual SAT’s two terminals operate redundantly as a single system to ensure complete high-speed connectivity.


Dual SAT maritime satcom

The terminals significantly reduce the cost of installing and managing communication-on-the-move applications in obstructed environments. Dual SAT has been certified by Inmarsat for use with its Global Xpress service.

Dual SAT is an efficient solution to overcome link losses caused by physical obstacles on maritime and land vehicles. Deploying two terminals ensures high-bandwidth connectivity from anywhere, anytime on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress service.


Why Dual SAT?

Dual SAT’s intelligent solution controls and manages its two terminals simultaneously to transmit and receive high bandwidth data rates. When one terminal enters a blockage zone, the system switches automatically to the other terminal, locking on to the satellite signal in milliseconds without losing IP connectivity, a critical element for mission success.

Dual SAT Two terminals operate with one modem, enabling low size, weight and power (SWaP) and high performance for on-the-move maritime and aviation platforms with cost-effective adoption.

Designed for quick Roll On/Roll Off, the system is built for easy installation and removal. To enhance system mobility between different platforms, Dual SAT’s quick and easy Roll On/Roll Off capabilities create a competitive advantage. simply connect to Modem, Ethernet and power cables to operate the system in minutes.

Integrated terminals include everything needed for operation: modem, Antenna Control Unit (ACU), BUC (Block Up Converter), tracking sensors, LNB (Low Noise Block) downconverter and a full RF front end. There is no need for external sensors to the terminal such as GPS/gyro or other external units.

Get SAT’s terminals are fully compliant and meet international IP66 ruggedized standards. The terminals have been proven to operate in the world’s harshest environmental conditions.

Get SAT’s terminals are fully compliant and meet Mil Std 810. The terminals have been proven to operate in Low & High Temperature, Blowing Sand, Altitude, Humidity, Salt Fog, Water Jet IPX6, Dust IP6X, Vibration, Functional Shock.