Get SAT and Transpondr to Offer Leased SATCOM Solutions to the US Federal Government and DoD
October 21, 2020
Mclean, VA and Atlanta, 21 October 2020: Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, and Transpondr an Atlanta-based Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in enabling the delivery of flexible, creative, and cost-effective connectivity solutions through an innovative leasing platform, establish formal partnership to offer leased satellite communications solutions to the US Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD).

Get SAT’s industry-leading communications-on-the-move (COTM) satellite terminals can now be leased by government organizations as an Operating Expenditure (OPEX) through Transpondr’s Leasing Platform, and by that allowing them to utilize their operations and maintenance funds (O&M) for equipment and bandwidth services in one single lease contract, creating a true “SATCOM as a Service” solution.

In the satellite and telecommunications industry, high up-front equipment costs are often an obstacle for organizations to get the solutions they need and to update equipment in a timely manner.  Transpondr’s solution offers the customer the ability to spread their cost over multiple fiscal year budget cycles and to move forward with newer technology to meet ever-expanding requirements and new operational challenges.  Additionally, Transpondr offers Global On-Demand/Occasional Use Satellite Bandwidth–Pay per day, week, month, or metered – which is the most reasonable way in these complicated days - less risks and more confidence to customers' needs.

Jason Stephens, VP Sales of Get SAT North America said: “Uniting Get SAT’s CoTM systems with Transpondr’s Lease Platform provides the ultimate, flexible, and seamless on-the-move answers for a wide range of applications required by a wide range of DOD customers.”

“Our unique set of capabilities, along with our strategic partnership with Get SAT and its industry-leading communications-on-the-move satellite antennas is a game-changer in the SATCOM industry,” said Mike Fowler, Transpondr’s SVP of Government Programs.

Get SAT is a leading manufacturer of highly versatile, mobile solutions for applications requiring small terminals. Based on its patented InterFLAT panel antenna, a miniaturized interlaced antenna combining both receive and transmit elements on one panel, and fast-tracking technologies.  Its micronized terminals have established a new set of standards for lightweight, small-sized and low power consumption communication devices for on-the-move applications that enables quick and easy access to broadband services.

About Transpondr
Transpondr, located in Atlanta, GA USA, is Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in enabling the delivery of flexible, creative, and cost-effective SATCOM and connectivity solutions through an innovative Leasing Platform. In addition to leasing, Transpondr’s status as a SDVOSB authorizes it sole source contracts up to $4 million per FAR 18.116, making procurement extremely easy and flexible. For more information, please visit www.transpondr.com

Ayala Pinhasi

Transpondr CONTACT
Mike Fowler, SVP Government Programs
+1 443-570-8111
Avanti accredits Get SAT’s latest SATCOM on-the-move terminal across its network
September 22, 2020
Avanti Communications has recently accredited Get SAT’s latest and smallest Satcom on-the-move terminal, the Nano SAT H, authorising it for use across the Avanti network.

Get SAT’s Nano SAT H is the smallest and lightest Ka-band SatCom terminal on the market setting the standard for the transmission of real-time video, audio, and data. By delivering a terminal weighing 3.5kgs but capable of supporting 10s of Mbps, Get sat and Avanti are delivering a level of capability and flexibility that will transform the warfighters’ experience in the physical and digital battlespace.

Optimized for man-portable and on-the-move applications, the Nano SAT H, supported by Avanti high-throughput satellite connectivity, will enable high bandwidth communications between dispersed mounted or dismounted, ground forces and their headquarters.

Using Avanti’s fleet of satellites, the Nano SAT H can achieve throughputs of 25-40Mbps to the deployed terminal and 5-10Mbps in return. This level of capacity and capability will ensure no end-user is disadvantaged by a lack of connectivity. It will also enable real-time situational awareness across the tactical, operational, and strategic echelons and provide the means to deliver effective C4iSR across dispersed manoeuvre forces.


The size and capability of the terminals also make them ideally suited to wider Government agencies and First Responders. Their low size, fully integrated system, and ability to generate high throughputs means they can quickly support missions where terrestrial connectivity is compromised or disrupted.

Get SAT’s Nano SAT-H is an ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight, low-profile terminal optimized for ‘on-the-move’ applications. On Avanti’s satellite network the Nano SAT-H becomes a truly game-changing capability.

September 15, 2020
ADARO Project Using Inmarsat L-Band Network

Jackson, MI & Mclean, Virginia, USA: September 2020: SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc., an engineering services small business with a core focus on developing small unmanned vehicles and sensor systems to collect data from difficult environments, and Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, today announced that the U.S. Navy has selected Get SAT’s micronized, lightweight Ultra-Blade L-Band ESA (Electronically Steerable Array Antenna) for beyond line of sight (BLOS) C2 and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) exfiltration on SeaLandAire’s ADARO an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).

The marriage of SeaLandAire’s ADARO, Get SAT’s micronized Ultra Blade L Band ESA, and INMARSAT Governments high capacity L Band service provides the Department of Defense with a low cost, highly mobile USV capable of supporting the most demanding at sea missions, including Full Motion Video backhaul. Reducing risk to force and risk to mission by removing the USV operator from the area of operation, the BLOS ADARO will make a significant impact on mission planning and approvals in high risk environments.

The ADARO is a rugged, man-portable, X-class unmanned surface vehicle designed around a modular payload capability. Its series-hybrid energy system provides quiet electric-only operation, even at top speeds, while the heavy fuel range extender significantly lengthens mission life. The platform is designed with a modular architecture to facilitate field servicing and repair. The flexible payload architecture allows extremely rapid integration of new payloads. Both software and hardware are designed for ease of use; ADARO can be set up and deployed within minutes.

Ultra-Blade is the market's first complete all-planes ESA antenna with no moving parts whose streamlined physical characteristics, such as super low-profile, and technical achievements change the nature of mobile broadband satcom. With more than 90% antenna efficiency and the unprecedented capability to independently track any L-band satellite, Ultra Blade’s exceptional high throughput works for maritime, aviation, and ground applications.

SeaLandAire President David Sparks stated, “The ADARO project is an important stride towards the future of USV surveillance operations. Our SeaLandAire team and partners are providing a solution that can be utilized to combat the fast-occurring challenges of the changing maritime and coastal domains.”

According to Jason Stephens, Get SAT VP Sales North America, “The integration of Ultra Blade’s satcom with the autonomous capabilities of ADARO provides an immediate positive impact to the warfighter.  Anytime technology reduces the potential risk to personnel, Get SAT will be at the forefront of creating smart, micronized communication solutions.  We are very happy with our partnership with SeaLandAire and will continue to work to provide new technologies to solve hard challenges.”

About Get SAT:

A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, Get SAT Communications provides portable and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. Get SAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and humanitarian groups. For more information, visit www.getsat.com.

Jason Stephens

About SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.
A privately-held small business located in Jackson, MI, SeaLandAire is an engineering services company that designs, develops, and builds products tailored to helping our customers collect information in any environment, focusing on small unmanned vehicles and sensor systems. For more information, visit www.sealandaire.com

SeaLandAire CONTACT:
Jenna Jarvis
Airbus, GRC, Avanti and Get SAT to provide high-speed, secure satcom-on-the-move connectivity
July 21, 2020
Airbus Defence and Space, GRC Ltd., Avanti Communications Group plc and Get SAT Ltd. have signed a significant contract to deliver high-speed, secure satcom-on-the-move connectivity to a UK customer. GRC have partnered with Airbus to deliver hardware, training and support for Get SAT Microsat terminals on Avanti airtime, allowing users to access high-speed voice and data in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

The solution was selected following extensive trials by Airbus and GRC together with the customer, ensuring terminals were robust enough and able to provide the required Committed Information Rate (CIR) to the user, on a high-throughput service using Ka-band satellite capability.

Incorporating GRC’s mag-mount system, the Micro SAT can be securely mounted as a walk-on-fit, without permanent vehicle modifications, allowing users to be connected within minutes and be moved between vehicles as required.

Richard Budd, Head of the UK & US Secure Communications business at Airbus said: “Providing this high-throughput SatCom on the Move capability is an exciting and innovative development. This capability will ensure that users can enjoy hi-speed data rates while on the move. Our experts work together with the end-users to ensure requirements are fully met reinforcing our long running services partnerships.”

Airbus and GRC will also deliver a full training package to users in addition to ongoing 24/7 support offered through its experienced and trusted engineering teams.

Steve Slater, Managing Director at GRC said “This contract means a lot to GRC and its staff who as an SME are delighted to be delivering a significant and much needed capability. The terminals being delivered are also suitable for maritime use and therefore are able to fit wider needs.”

Donald Walker, Director of Government Sales at Avanti: “We’ve worked hard with GRC and Get SAT to prove that Avanti’s high throughput Ka-band satellites and these very small terminals can deliver genuine capability enhancements to critical end user groups.  We’re delighted to add this Land and Maritime “Satellite on The Move” capability into our portfolio.”

Sharon Shlomo, Get SAT VP sales “The collaboration with GRC and Avanti is very important to Get SAT and brings to the end users, not only the terminals but a turn key solution for Satcom wherever and whenever they need bandwidth over KA band.”

About Airbus
Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2019, it generated revenues of € 70 billion and employed a workforce of around 135,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

About GRC
Based in the UK, GRC (Global RadioData Communication Ltd.) specialise in the design, integration and support of satellite, RF, cloud and IP networking solutions. Our products and services are used by government and defence agencies, emergency responders, commercial businesses and the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry throughout the world.

About Avanti Communications
Avanti Communications is the leading Ka-band high throughput satellite capacity partner to the communications industry in EMEA - extending and guaranteeing coverage for defence missions, enterprise solutions and critical public services. Through the HYLAS satellite fleet and partners in 118 countries, Avanti provides dedicated fixed and flexible-beam satellite connectivity, with extensive coverage across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Group has invested $1.2bn in a network that incorporates orbital slots in Ka-band spectrum, satellites, ground stations, datacentres and a fibre ring.

About Get SAT
Get SAT A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, Get SAT Communications provides portable and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. Get SAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian groups.

Get SAT and R4 Integration Develop Low-Profile, High-Performance C-130 Multipurpose Hatch System for Multiple Government Agencies
July 13, 2020
Roll-on/Roll-off hatch system ensures secure and reliable high-bandwidth satellite communications (SATCOM) for Special Operations Forces

Rehovot, Israel ,13 July 2020: Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications and R4 Integration, Inc., the premier provider of Airborne roll-on/roll-off and shoulder mount communication systems for U.S. and partner government aircraft, today announced the completion and airworthiness certification of their C-130 Multi-Purpose Hatch system (MPHS).

Developed to support roll-on/roll-off requirements of the most demanding Special Operations customers and to alleviate design concerns of large radomes, the low-profile KA-band MPHS provides much needed enroute planning C5I support to SOF on all C-130/L-100 variants of aircraft. Additionally, the Commercial and Military KA-band solution reduces weight by 50% from previous hatch mount solutions.

Based on the micronized, ruggedized and portable Milli SAT terminal that replaces large and bulky alternatives consisting of multi-modem and control units, the solution leverages Get SAT’s highly efficient flat panel antenna technologies to enable fully autonomous operation for high bandwidth data rates.

According to Get SAT Vice President of North America, Jason Stephens, “The newest MPHS solution from Get SAT and R4 provides a seamless transition of planning for direct action forces from the forward operating base through transit to the target.  Historically, direct action troops, once airborne, lost situational awareness on the battlefield. Now, however, they will have access to real-time ISR, intelligence updates and direct communication with commanders.”

John Parsley, President of R4 Integration, Inc. commented, “Smaller, lighter integrated solutions specifically developed for the needs of forces utilizing C-130 aircraft are the future. Our new satcom-on-the-move solution vitally contributes to mission success and teaming with Get SAT enables us to bring the best comms design and deployment to those who need it: our troops.”

About R4
Headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, R4 employs a diverse mix of engineers, logisticians, program managers, and technicians. The company epitomizes the philosophy that excellence comes from the individual. This personal excellence is further exemplified by our emphasis on R4's ISO 9001/AS9100 certified quality system that is incorporated in all of our Engineering, Logistic, and Program Management processes and procedures.

About Get SAT
A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, Get SAT Communications provides portable and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. Get SAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian groups.

Ayala Pinhasi
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R4 Integration, Inc.
Ed Arcemont
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Get SAT and Hughes Transmits Live, HD Video in Black Hawk Helicopter Demonstration
June 22, 2020

Get SAT reports that the Hughes combined HeloSAT satcom solution transmitted consistent, real-time, full-motion video from a Black Hawk helicopter during a recent in-flight demonstration. The HeloSAT solution sent live, HD video from the cockpit, through the rotor blades, to a satellite and through to mission control within seconds as it surveilled a Tennessee landscape in a May 21 test. The HeloSat solution includes a fuselage-mounted Get SAT Milli SAT terminal, Hughes HM series modem with proprietary through-the-rotor waveform, and network management.

Get SAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin said “Consistent BLOS communications has been a requirement on rotary wing platforms for decades.  Now with the combination of Get SAT and Hughes the warfighters have real-time, wideband BLOS communications to support ISR, enroute direct action planning, and multiple other data exchange requirements.  This capability will prove to be groundbreaking in the expansion of tactics, techniques, and procedures on current and future rotary wing platforms.”

Hughes Defense Senior Director Wayne Marhefka said customers in Spain, India, and USA watched the demonstration via livestream. Marhefka said the flight validates the solutions’ ability to support Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), search and rescue, emergency response, and airborne command missions aboard rotary aircraft. The Demo was held in partnership with Get Sat, Hughes , DataPath, Applied Concept Group, Intelsat, and XP Services.

“Throughout the 30-minute flight, HeloSAT maintained the live-stream video feed — something I’ve never experienced before on a rotary wing,” said John Wellington, chief flight instructor of XP Services, and former 160th Special Operations Aviation Regimen flight lead, who piloted the Black Hawk for the demonstration. “Maintaining connectivity for the duration of the mission is critical.

To learn more about HeloSAT visit at http://www.getsat.com/solutions/helo_sat/