Get SAT and HISPASAT reach agreement to offer on-demand mobile satellite services for security and emergency markets
March 21, 2019
• GetSAT's small, lightweight and energy efficient terminals provide essential benefits for the success of critical missions.

• The HISPASAT fleet and the company's operating capacity allow it to offer services in scenarios which require rapid response times combined with extensive broadband use to transmit data.

• With this collaboration, both companies add business opportunities in aerial, maritime, terrestrial services and drones.

Rehovot (Israel) and Madrid, 21 March 2019. HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite-based telecommunications operator, and GetSAT, the manufacturer of micronized satellite terminals for aerial, maritime and land-based applications, have signed an agreement to offer on-demand Satellite on The Move (SoTM) Services. By pairing GetSAT's ruggedized terminals and HISPASAT's powerful satellite fleet, both companies strengthen their business opportunities in the aviation, maritime, land-mobile, and unmanned sectors in support of security and emergency applications in Latin America, Europe and North Africa. This joint solution ensures safe communications when natural disasters occur for urgently activated rescue teams and for security agencies using UAVs, helicopters, planes, or terrestrial vehicles.

The companies reached this strategic partnership after the successful demonstration of GetSAT’s MicroSAT Land and Maritime (L/M) mobile terminal, which reached data speeds of more than 5Mbps, during both upload and download, while remaining connected to HISPASAT's fleet. GetSAT's terminals are based on its patented InterFLAT technology, which allows signals to be transmitted and received in the same panel, thus reducing the size, weight and energy consumption to provide advantages essential for the success of critical missions.

The agreement reduces the barriers to entry of this type of service for potential clients, thereby minimizing the impact of the user’s investment and operating costs.

Ignacio Sanchis, Business Director of HISPASAT, said, "We want to address the Emergency and Security services market, which is rapidly growing and requires robust, consistent connections in which satellites play a key role. Together with GetSAT, HISPASAT will be able to take advantage of the capacity of its entire network to offer broadband solutions in the Ka and Ku bands for projects that require rapid response times combined with extensive broadband use to transmit data".

Kfir Benjamin, GetSAT Chief Executive Officer, reported, “Our demonstration showed GetSAT's high technological proficiency in reaching constant high data speeds in on-the-move applications. The unique advantage of GetSAT's compact, lightweight, ultra-low power consuming systems is that no user ever compromises on quality, size, weight, or power. Working with Hispasat augments our business development and expands our geographic reach and potential client base."

GetSAT's MicroSAT terminals are constructed as a fully integrated, lightweight compact design. The L/M family of products provide an on-the-move, ruggedized solution meeting the most stringent environmental standards. All L/M terminals are easy to deploy and integrate, and can be outfitted with various antenna sizes in accordance with bandwidth requirements of ground, air and maritime applications. GetSAT’s unique all-in-one design including BUC and modem is optimized for use in harsh environments and its ultra-low power-consuming platform is compatible with KA and KU-Band applications.

About HISPASAT HISPASAT is comprised of companies that have a presence in Spain as well as in Latin America, where its Brazilian affiliate HISPAMAR is based HISPASAT is a world leader in content distribution in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and its satellite fleet is used by important direct-to-home television (DTH) and high-definition television (HDTV) digital platforms. HISPASAT also provides satellite broadband and connectivity services, which include broadband access, mobility and the backhaul networks, in addition to other added value solutions for governments, companies and telecommunication operators in America, Europe and North Africa. HISPASAT is one of the world's largest companies in its sector in terms of revenue, and the main communications bridge between Europe and the Americas.

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GetSAT and Honeywell Win Multi-Million Dollar Deal with U.S. Government
January 7, 2019
GetSAT, an innovator in lightweight satellite communication terminals for ground, airborne, and maritime applications, today announced that it has been awarded, in partnership with a division of Honeywell, a multi-million dollar contract by a U.S. Government agency for Command, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications in support of missions during dire and emergent situations in the continental United States. The agency selected GetSAT’s MilliSAT L/M (land and maritime) KA and KU-band versions to provide maritime and ground-based high-data rate, secure communications-on-the-move (COTM). GetSAT's portable MilliSAT L/M terminals will be deployed to support satellite on the move (SOTM) for both land-based vehicles and maritime platforms in remote areas for emergency support. Based on the company's patented fully-interlaced InterFLAT panel technology for transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel, MilliSAT provides fully autonomous transmission and reception of high bandwidth data rates of more than 20 Mbps. The ruggedized, medium lightweight, KA and KU-band terminals meet the demanding requirements of full-time usage in harsh environments. GetSAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin reported, “The U.S. Government has once again entrusted delicate and secure satcom missions, this time in remote areas, to GetSAT terminals. Together with Honeywell, we have delivered our leading-edge communications platforms that enable the government agency to meet its critical operational needs. GetSAT is committed to providing on-the-move satcom platforms reaching the highest specifications and standards and we are proud that our solutions are already operating in the field and maritime environments."  GetSat's micronized L/M terminals are easy to deploy and integrate and can be outfitted in various antenna sizes in accordance with bandwidth requirements of ground, air and maritime applications. Its unique all-in-one design and super-light compact installation offer significant savings in size, weight, and power usage (SWaP) and include an integrated BUC and modem.
GetSAT Antennas Selected by Hughes and NAVAIR as SatCom Component for U.S. Coast Guard Airborne Missions
November 26, 2018
Hughes Networks System Leading Mission-Driven Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Solution Utilizing GetSAT’s MilliSAT Terminals GetSAT, an innovator in lightweight satellite communication terminals for ground, airborne, and maritime applications, today announced that its MilliSAT L/W has been selected as the beyond line of sight (BLOS) SatCom component for U.S. Coast Guard Airborne Communications by Hughes Defense Systems in support of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Humanitarian Aid, Search and Rescue (SAR), and Disaster Relief (DR) Missions. In partnership with systems integrator Hughes Networks Systems LLC, a global leader in broadband satellite networks and services, GetSAT’s technology was selected from multiple competitors to support mission critical communications link by U.S. Naval Air Systems (NAVAIR). GetSAT’s MilliSAT L/W (lightweight) provides the U.S. Coast Guard with a fully integrated airborne secure COTM applications. The company’s micronized communications terminal is based on a patented fully-interlaced InterFLAT panel technology for transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel. Meeting the demanding requirements of full-time usage in harsh environments, this rugged satellite on the move (SOTM) terminal in a super-light compact installation offers significant savings in size, weight, and power usage (SWaP). Rick Lober, VP/GM of Hughes Defense Systems stated: “We have worked with GetSAT for over three years now and found their COTM terminals to be smaller, lighter, higher performing and well suited for demanding environments such as the USCG C-27 aircraft. GetSAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin stated, “Working closely with our partners at Hughes, we have once again proven that GetSAT’s solutions are successful in achieving results in some of the most difficult security operational parameters.   Our platforms meet the BLOS mission needs of the U.S. Coast Guard’s mission critical operations such as drug interdiction, border control enforcement and search and rescue efforts. We are extremely honored to support the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s mission set.  GetSat’s progress with U.S. and international security agencies shows that our technology is not only in line with what is needed but also with what the future is bringing."  GetSAT's L/W platforms are micronized, fully integrated, lightweight terminals designed specifically for airborne and UAV platforms. Based on built-in InterFLAT panel technology, L/W terminals are easy to deploy and integrate and are available in various antenna sizes to meet the SWaP and bandwidth requirements of the most demanding aviation platforms.  Additionally, the MilliSat L/W platform is available in both Ka and Ku-Band application.
GetSAT Introduces Ultra Blade: Super Low-Profile L-Band Satcom Solution
November 6, 2018
GetSAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, has today introduced its versatile super low-profile Ultra Blade L-Band antenna, which is compatible with any L-Band satellite. Ultra Blade is the market's first complete all-planes ESA antenna with no moving parts whose streamlined physical characteristics and technical achievements change the future of mobile broadband satcom. Expanding GetSAT's satcom solutions for on-the-move L-band applications, Ultra Blade combines unbeatable size, weight and power consumption (SWaP) within a package of less than 5Lbs (2.4kg). GetSAT's solution enables miniaturization of L-Band terminals shaving weight off the package while simultaneously adding more satcom capabilities. With more than 90% antenna efficiency and the unprecedented capability to independently track any L-band satellite, Ultra Blade brings exceptional high throughput solution in any environment: aviation, ground and maritime. GetSAT CEO Kfir Benjamin stated, "Ultra Blade ends the physical, power, and directional limitations of today's heavy and often unwieldy L-Band terminals. Listening to our customers, we developed Ultra Blade's innovative super low-profile antenna in a completely self-contained rugged casing. GetSAT is driving the industry's conception forward by opening a wealth of new opportunities for L-Band users whose remote activities require full-time, mission critical operations."
Avanti Communications Demonstrates Satellite on the Move Capabilities with GetSat’s MicroSat Terminal
June 28, 2018
Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), and GetSat, a pioneer in micronised, integrated satellite terminals, has successfully demonstrated the outstanding potential of modern Satellite on the Move (SOTM) capabilities.
During the demonstration, a low SWaP GetSat MicroSat terminal was installed on a vehicle, and a GetSat Microhub modem installed in Avanti’s Gateway Earth Station in Cyprus. The demo achieved impressive data traffic rates of up to 8.5Mbps, from a vehicle moving at speed, via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite, showcasing Avanti’s network ability to stream live HD-quality video or surveillance imagery and data traffic for military and government users.
The strategic partnership between Avanti and GetSat offers significant capability enhancements to support military and government organisations in the provision of very small, flexible, agile and portable satellite communications across EMEA. The collaboration will enable military and government users to maximise the benefits of High Throughput Satellite broadband and take full advantage of high capacity data traffic, including full motion video and other C4ISR applications, even when on the move.
Having successfully demonstrated the exceptional throughputs achievable from Avanti and GetSat, both companies will now seek to further develop the capability. The US Army has recently chosen GetSat’s MicroSat terminal as a critical enabler for mobile satellite connectivity.
Graham Peters, Managing Director of Avanti Government, said “The partnership between Avanti’s High Throughput Ka-band technology and GetSat’s ground-breaking Satellite on the Move technology provides a capability that has enormous potential for military and Government users. We are proud to be working with GetSat and look forward to collaboratively supporting our Government and Military customers.”
Kfir Benjamin, Chief Executive Officer of GetSat, said “Avanti’s Ka-band satellite broadband has allowed us to fully demonstrate the capability of the GetSat technology. We are extremely proud of the equipment we have created, and it is therefore extremely important to be able to find a carrier that allows us to fully maximise its potential. The combination of GetSat and Avanti will add real depth and much higher capacities to our existing offerings and allow us to support the needs of our users for high data C4ISR traffic in remote locations and while on the move.”
GetSAT’s Chief Technology Officer has been chosen to speak at IET MilSatCom in London
June 13, 2018
GetSAT is proud to announce that Chief Technology Officer and company co-founder Oleg Roitberg has been chosen to speak at IET MilSatCom in London. Roitberg will speak at the Flat Panel Workshop organized by VT iDirect on 13 June 2018.
VT iDirect's Dave Davis, Technical Director, Global Service Provider Group and vice-chair of the IET MilSatcom conference commented “When we decided to introduce a workshop on innovative antenna technology, GetSAT's involvement was always going to be sought. The workshop will enable GetSAT to showcase their InterFLAT technology and explain how their terminals' size weight and power (SWaP) is changing the game. With a flexible approach and GetSAT's rapid development cycles and technical know-how, their teams are truly at the cutting edge of high performance MilSatcom technology."
GetSAT CTO, Oleg Roiberg stated, “The unique advantage of GetSAT's compact, lightweight ultra-low power consuming systems is that no user ever compromises on quality, size, power or weight. With deployments in three continents – and more to come – our terminals are successfully engaging in critical missions around the globe. We are very happy for this opportunity to present out technologies to new audiences via our partners at VT iDirect."