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Get SAT Revolutionizes Satellite Communications with the Launch of Innovative Multi-Orbit ESA

June 15, 2023

Single ESA Terminal Uses Multi Beams to Switch Between Satellite Constellations

May 15, 2023 – Rehovot, Israel – Get SAT, the leading provider of micronized satellite communication terminals, today announced the launch of MoComm, its line of new Multi Orbit Communication capability. This capability allows for near-seamless switching between satellite constellations.

The solution works in both Ku and Ka-bands. The Ka-band enables users to transfer traffic between O3B MEO and any GEO constellation. The Ku-band, is currently certified on LEO and any GEO constellations.

“As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, reliable satellite communication has never been more important. Get SAT multi-orbit ESA will provide unparalleled connectivity to support a myriad of use cases,” said Kfir Benjamin, CEO at Get SAT.
Get SAT has demonstrated its capabilities with today’s launch of our commercially available Sling Blade family of antennas that enable Multi Orbit Communication.”

Get SAT’s MoComm terminals significantly reduce operating costs while improving the user experience. MoComm terminals offer unmatched coverage and fully support global coverage networks, in GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations. The terminal delivers faster data rates, lower latency, and high-speed connectivity, for a far better performance and improved productivity. 

A user can watch a streaming video over GEO before taking a video conference call on the LEO constellation or utilize navigational services over MEO before turning to satellite radio over GEO using the MoComm terminal. In other words, Get SAT’s MoComm terminal is a versatile solution that can easily be adjusted to your changing needs.

The Sling Blade terminals use multi-beam, multi-network technology within one terminal without compromising performance, allowing users to benefit from the high resiliency of GEO along with the global coverage, high throughput and low latency of MEO and LEO. 

These terminals offer a high level of flexibility, and redundancy, as they can connect to multiple satellite providers with high data rates. The dual beam technology ensures consistent, uninterrupted performance across multiple orbits, allowing for near-seamless data connectivity and independent data availability from different networks and satellite constellations. 

Get SAT offering includes the Sling Blade terminals, which consists of three different Electronically steerable antennas sizes and versions.

The Sling Blade Ka is a low-profile, low SWaP terminal designed for GEO and MEO and can switch between the constellation in milliseconds.

The Sling Blade Ku LM is designed for land and maritime applications, and its multi-orbit capabilities allow governments and military planners to support a PACE plan for C5ISR requirements. 

The Lesa Blade is a Ku-band ESA and was designed for airborne operations, to specifically support In-Flight connectivity and In-Flight entertainment. This solution toggles between LEO and GEO operations on the move.

Disclaimer: LEO services are not available to all regions and customers.

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