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In-Flight Connectivity ESA Terminal

AeroLESA represents Get SAT’s next-generation Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA) technology. Tailored for in-flight connectivity and entertainment, AeroLESA showcases an evolutionary step in aircraft satellite communication. Designed with a low-profile and fully electronically steerable antenna (ESA), AeroLESA is crafted to fit seamlessly onto a wide range of airborne platforms, including wide-body aircraft, executive aviation, and Transport aircraft.

It provides simultaneous connections with both Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations, operating in the Ku-frequency band. This comprehensive array of features ensures true global coverage, realized through its unparalleled multi-orbit performance. AeroLESA stands as a top-notch innovation in the in-flight connectivity industry, offering a connectivity solution that is both versatile and reliable. Flights equipped with AeroLESA promise a connectivity experience that is smooth, uninterrupted, and truly global.

The terminal leverages multi-orbit, multi-constellation architectures, allowing for instantaneous switching between GEO and LEO orbits while in flight. This means passengers can enjoy a stable connection, whether they are surfing the web, streaming videos, or catching up on work, promising a flight experience that is as productive and entertaining as it is convenient.

In a collaborative endeavor, AeroLESA has been integrated into Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI)’s RAVE AeroConnect Ku solution. This solution means the terminal is available for both linefit and retrofit on all major aircraft platforms, most notably as part of Airbus’ Airspace HBCplus.

Key Features


Multi orbit constellations

A simple and intuitive solution that provides
multi-orbit SATCOM services, with the ability
to blend and transfer network traffic
seamlessly between high-capacity LEO (in KU
only), MEO (in Ka only), and GEO satellite


All In One Solution

Integrated terminals include everything needed
for operation: modem, Antenna Control Unit
(ACU), tracking sensors, downconverter, and a full
RF front end.


No moving parts

Since there are no moving parts, calibration
is not required therefore providing
long-term reliability and lower maintenance


Short transition time

Extremely short transition time.
The significance of fiber-like connectivity
is a major step forward for high-data-rate
applications requiring communications


Worldwide satellite networks

Supports Global coverage networks, like
Intelsat in GEO, and other LEO networks, for near
seamless satellite coverage anywhere,

Easy- set-up-and-operation

Easy set-up and operation

The easy installation and integration of
the terminals, allows operators to
complete the process without the need
for time-consuming and costly visits of

Tech Spec

RF Performance Ku band
Tx Frequency 13.75-14.5 GHz
Rx Frequency 10.7-12.75 GHz
Polarization Tx/Rx V/H/RHCP/LHCP, switchable, independently Selectable independent for Rx, Tx as well as for 2nd-Rx and 2nd-Tx
Max EIRP 55.5 dBW
Max G/T 16.7 dB / K
Azimuth Continues coverage over full 360°
Elevation 10° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna
Control Technique Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)
Velocity Azimuth >500° / Sec. Elevat io n >500° / Sec
Switching time <400us
Re-Acquisition time <100ms
Management Ethernet
Power Input 28V - Depend on configuration
Total power consumption <1300W
Total weight <75 Kg (165.3 lb.)
System Size Tx 68 CM x 47 CM (25.2 x 18.5")
Rx 58.5 CM x 90 CM (23 x 35.4")

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