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GX Lite

Portable satellite terminal

Built to fit users requirements

No bigger than a laptop, Viasat’s new GX LITE portable satellite terminal is the latest addition to our innovative on-the-pause terminals. Designed for land expeditionary users requirements, it readily translates to any “grab and go” situation and enables secure, flexible, high-throughput communications in both directions wherever your mission takes you.


Operates across the commercial Ka-band TX (29-30 GHz) and RX (19.2-20.2 GHz) and serves reliably the Inmarsat Global Xpress network, the world’s first and only globally available, high-throughput commercial wideband network. It’s mainly used for worldwide, commercial high bandwidth Ka service on the pause. It’s part of, Get SAT’s, highly efficient flat panel terminals technologies and enables fully autonomous operation to transmit and receive high bandwidth data rates.

Tech Spec

RF Performance Ka Band
Tx Frequency 29-30 GHz
Rx Frequency 19.2-20.2 GHz
Max G/T 11 dB / K
Polarization TX-RHCP ; RX-LHCP
Max EIRP 46 dBW pSAT
Panel Size 25 x 27 cm (9.8x10.6”)
Power input 12-36 VDC
Internal Batteries capacity 95 Wh
Power Consumption 229W External Power supply
197W External Batteries
149W Internal Battery
Interfaces Ethernet x2 with POE, WIFI
Ruggedized IP65
Weight 10.2 KG (22.5 lb.) including internal battery
System Size (W/H/L) 42.3 x 29.2 x 8.5 cm (16.6 x 11.5 x 3.3")

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