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Milli Sling Blade LW

Aero satcom terminal


The Milli Sling Blade LW is a KA-band low-profile antenna, ensuring top-tier communication in all airborne applications. This fully electronically steered antenna operates without moving parts, eliminating the need for calibration. This ensures long-term reliability and significantly reduces maintenance costs. Designed to support transmit & receive functions for both GEO and MEO satellites. Its advanced design allows it to switch between these satellites, ensuring near seamless satellite coverage
anywhere, anytime.



The Milli Sling Blade LW is specifically tailored to meet the stringent demands of airborne applications. Its design and capabilities make it the optimal choice for aircrafts, ensuring seamless and reliable communication during operations.

Key Features


Multi orbit constellations

A simple and intuitive solution that provides
multi-orbit SATCOM services, with the ability
to blend and transfer network traffic
seamlessly between high-capacity LEO (in KU
only), MEO (in Ka only), and GEO satellite


All In One Solution

Integrated terminals include everything needed
for operation: modem, Antenna Control Unit
(ACU), tracking sensors, downconverter, and a full
RF front end.


No moving parts

Since there are no moving parts, calibration
is not required therefore providing
long-term reliability and lower maintenance


Short transition time

Extremely short transition time.
The significance of fiber-like connectivity
is a major step forward for high-data-rate
applications requiring communications


Worldwide satellite networks

Supports Global coverage networks, like
Intelsat in GEO, and other LEO networks, for near
seamless satellite coverage anywhere,

Easy- set-up-and-operation

Easy set-up and operation

The easy installation and integration of
the terminals, allows operators to
complete the process without the need
for time-consuming and costly visits of

Tech Spec

RF Performance Tx Rx
Tx Frequency 27.5-31 GHz
Rx Frequency 17.7- 21.2 GHz
Polarization Circular (Crosspol and Copol) Electronically configurable Circular (Crosspol and Copol) Electronically configurable
Max EIRP 49 dBW
Max G/T 13.5 dB / K
Azimuth Continues coverage over full 360° Continues coverage over full 360°
Elevation 20° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna 20° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna
Control Technique Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional) Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)
Velocity Azimuth >500° / Sec. Elevat io n >500° / Sec >500° / Sec. Elevat io n >500° / Sec
Initial Acquisition Time <30 sec <30 sec
Re-Acquisition time <100ms <100ms
Management Ethernet Ethernet
Power Input 24-50v- Depend on configuration 24-50v- Depend on configuration
Power Consumption ~280 W ~230 W
Weight 5 Kg (11b.) 12 Kg (26.4 lb.)
System Size (W/H/L) 38.2 x 6 x 28.1 cm (15 x 2.3 x 11”) 53.5 x 5.8 x 66.4 cm (21 x 2.3 x 26.1”)
Weight 6.5 Kg (14.3 lb.)
System Size (W/H/L) 34.2 x 6 x 35.7 cm (13.4 x 2.3 x 14”)
Power Consumption ~50 W
Complete System Power Consumption ~560 W

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