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Sling Blade C-17 Ka

C-17 SATCOM terminal

The Sling Blade C-17 represents a significant advancement in antenna technology for C-17 aircraft. This terminal, which belongs to the Electronically Steerable Antenna (ESA) family, is known for its reliability and low-profile design. It operates in Ka-band and eliminates the need for moving parts, reduces the necessity for recalibration, and lowers maintenance costs.

A key strength of the Sling Blade C-17 lies in its advanced capability to seamlessly connect with satellites positioned in GEO, and MEO orbits. This enables robust and reliable communication, vital for situations requiring consistent and high-quality satellite links.

As an integral component of the C-17 aircraft’s communication system, The Sling Blade C-17 provides a broad spectrum of communication functions. This includes transmitting live video, secure phone calls, video conferencing, and access to essential networks. These features are especially critical for military operations and VIP passengers who require consistent and dependable communication channels during flight.

Key Features


Multi orbit constellations

A simple and intuitive solution that provides
multi-orbit SATCOM services, with the ability
to blend and transfer network traffic
seamlessly between high-capacity 
MEO, and GEO satellite


All-In-One Solution

Integrated terminals include everything needed
for operation: modem, Antenna Control Unit
(ACU), tracking sensors, downconverter, and a full
RF front end.

Roll-on Roll-off Icon

Roll-on/ Roll-off

Designed for quick Roll On/Roll Off, the system allows easy installation and removal to enhance system mobility between different platforms and provides easy Roll On/Roll Off capabilities to create a competitive advantage.


Short transition time

Extremely short transition time.
The significance of fiber-like connectivity
is a major step forward for high-data-rate
applications requiring communications


No moving parts

Since there are no moving parts, calibration
is not required therefore providing
long-term reliability and lower maintenance

Tech Spec

RF Performance Ka Band
Tx Frequency 27.5-31 GHz
Rx Frequency 17.5 - 21.2 GHz
Max G/T 10.5 dB / K
Polarization LHCP or RHCP (elect. Switchable)
Azimuth Continues coverage 60° ESA
Elevation 10° to 90° Electronically steerable antenna
Control Technique Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS
Velocity Azimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / Sec
Initial Acquisition Time <30 sec
Re-Acquisition time <2 sec (while compass aligned)
Management Ethernet
Power Input 24 - 50v DC
Power Consumption Rx 376W, Full power 450W
Interfaces RS232, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, USB
Weight 36.4 kg (80.2 lb.) including Radome and Hatch Mount
System Size (W/H/L) 59 x 46 x 14 cm (23.2 x 18.1 x 5.5”)

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