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Introducing Satcom-as-a-Service

July 30, 2022

Traditionally, satellite communications required owning the satellite or full transponders.
This limited the reach to companies and government agencies that were willing to invest hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars in hardware and maintenance.

The arrangement provided the satellite communications that were required.
However, as satellite owners, those organizations were responsible for installing updates and performing maintenance on their hardware, and when the technology became obsolete, their only option was investing in a new satellite technology as well as new terminal hardware.

Over the past few years, governments, and commercial companies alike, have embraced cloud computing. Budgetary pressures to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) has led them to managed services arrangements, where they no longer carry the burden of owning and maintaining much of their IT infrastructure.

That approach to IT is now guiding many governments’ approach to satellite communications. Governments and other agencies are looking for a Satcom solution without infrastructure expenses, or the need to update and maintain the system. They want to plug in and connect.
Making Satcom Accessible

Making Satcom Accessible

At Get SAT, we’re making the world of satellite communications accessible to every organization that needs reliable, global communications. From front line emergency service personnel to offshore oil rigs, satellite communications services are now available on an as-needed basis.

This change will provide our customers with the flexibility they need to meet changing demands while giving them full control of bandwidth and coverage. They no longer need to be concerned with satellite updates or maintenance and will always have access to the latest technology without any additional investment.

We believe the introduction of cost-effective wideband communication satellites will help meet the increased demand for high bandwidth connectivity. Users can operate worldwide, relying on a network of space technology, terrestrial infrastructure, and innovative terminal technology.

Some of the benefits of Satcom-as-a-service include:
• Flexibility to meet the demands of a changing market
• Complete control of bandwidth and coverage
• Minimal ownership risk
• Connectivity tailored to user needs
• Latest technology without continuous investment

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

Like the IT evolution that shifted companies away from purchasing physical assets and moving toward infrastructure as a service and cloud computing, this change will limit capital expenditures and replace it with lower, recurring operating expenses.

Government agencies and other organizations are free from building new teleports and staffing control centers, yet they can be assured worldwide connectivity. Taking an Anytime, Anywhere approach, users can benefit from uniform worldwide spot beam architecture for maximum mobility whenever they need it, and only pay for what they need.

The simple setup and configuration of Get SAT’s Satcom-as-a-Service allows for near immediate connectivity with minimal operator involvement. Automated networks connect the terminal to the service and automatically sets up all parameters. Terminals operate efficiently, making communication as easy as having a conversation.

Upgrades, patches, and new features can easily be implemented without any effort from the end user. New services can be provisioned, and users never have to worry about antiquated, legacy equipment becoming obsolete.

The innovative new business models that propelled the cloud in almost every vertical has come to satellite communications. For governments and industry to take full advantage of these communications tools, they need to reevaluate their satellite provisioning strategy. Satellite communications-as-a-Service ensure the latest technology without any capital investments.

Satcom-as-a-service is a large step forward in satellite communications. Contact our team to learn more.


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